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Gates OF Fire And The Battle Of Marathon

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During holiday in ancient Greece, the city-state associated with Sparta had been known for production one of the most fearsome infantry  the  world had ever seen. You will discover legends in which say the actual Spartan infantry had been matched solely in sheer combat prowess and coordination with the Roman legions, although historically, the legions solely attained their famed self-discipline and fight coordination following the successful intrusion of Sparta.

The star of Spartan power and invincibility became widespread across the globe after the actual epic function called, “the battle of Marathon” a battle that was a long-term arranged victory regarding Sparta, even when it was an instantaneous tactical defeat to the 300 Spartans in which engaged the invaders from Persia. The more than two hundred soldiers went into battle not understanding that their ferocity along with gallantry could seal their reputation along with legacy on the word ‘Spartan’ for eternity. With Marathon… in the so-called “Gates of Fire” — a new myth appeared and a new legend had been born.

Darius, ruler of the Persian Empire, had attempted to conquer a holiday in Greece as punishment for Athenian individuals who aided the rebellion of an Asia Minor Greek  town inside Darius’ site. The Battle of Marathon was the consequence of that intrusion, with Persian forces sent back by means of Athenian infantry.

At a later time, the Persian king Xerxes, ruler of the greatest empire associated with his moment, schemed to create it better yet, by means of conquering the  <a href=""><img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-345" alt="xerxes" src="" width="300" height="199" /></a>actual city-states associated with Greece. Even so, modern historians will refute this claim declaring  Xerxes had been a recognized patron associated with culture and the arts, with hardly any military promotions under the belt before invasion. Some authorities in Persian and Ancient Greek language history include attributes that alleged the choice of Xerxes to help invade Greece as a sign associated with status nervousness.

Xerxes believed the pressure that was placed with his shoulders following the Athenians routed his dad’s army with Marathon. Using their wipe out, it started to be clear which the Persian Empire has not been superior in terms of military capability. This resulted in status nervousness, as the actual Persians were not known for failures, seeing that evidenced by means of their expansive empire. In theory, Xerxes might simply have grown tired associated with his courtiers and the Persian aristocracy in which continually hounded him to seep into Greece, apparently to avenge the father’s wipe out. However, one other half of the equation, the actual Spartans, in addition experienced remarkable status nervousness.

Leonidas experienced tried to help send adult males to Marathon, in a reaction to Athens’ request for help, but there were complications. The Spartans cannot go to help war during a religious celebration, which resulted in Spartan warriors coming to Marathon too late. This resulted in greater honor for Athens, Sparta’s rival city-state. This, Leonidas comprehended, threatened the actual superiority on the Spartan superiority and put the full population under a mild climate associated with status anxiety immediately after Athens had been acclaimed for the reason that “savior of Greece. ”

While the Persian invasion came, Leonidas planned to be present there and meet the invaders regarding his spear. Once again, duties on the gods associated with Greece and the need regarding Spartan warriors to be and hold their servant population at bay got the way. The Ancient Greek language politicians wanted do negotiations using the Persians because of their fear along with anxiety. Leonidas thought i would requisition a smaller force that will join him inside the battle up against the invaders. The records are now being disputed with regards to whether Leonidas ordered the other Greeks to help retreat as a tactical choice, or in the event the Spartans had been abandoned to let the insufferable die. No matter, the surviving Spartan drive, along which a Thespian compassion that repudiated to abandon those to expire in solitaire, remained.

The arrival on the Spartans had been, undoubtedly, a comfort boost to the allied ancient Greek language armies. The mere mention of a Spartan preventing a fight was sufficient to instill anxiety and stress in almost any opposing affiliate marketer, with in which ferocious standing made far more magnified with the blood reddish cloaks along with perfect phalanx on the Spartan soldier elite.

For the first day on the Battle associated with Thermopylae, the Spartans taught the Persian hordes a new lesson one other Greeks realized all too well. Spartans were not mere adult males. Spartans had been a well-oiled harming machine that was fully ready to engage inside mass slaughter. As one of Xerxes’ aides told the Persian king, “… to subdue the actual Spartans is always to ensure zero nation inside Greece could dare concern you.  Needless to say, as the actual Persians quickly determined, subduing the actual proud Spartans has not been that easy.

While the actual Spartans were not the solely ones to get fought about the front lines over the battle, they were those who took the actual brunt on the incoming Persian force. Even so, records compiled by the Persians themselves described the actual horror, concern, and anxiety which the prospect associated with facing a new Spartan triggered the invading troopers.

It will be arguable whether or not Xerxes’ generals comprehended the inescapable strategic effects of agreeing to the Spartans by means of sending influx after influx of troopers against these, but the actual terrain made it impossible to help route the actual Leonidas’ shielding line. Certainly fatigue would have been a set  back for the Greeks, but the problem for the Persians was the amount of their army could die just before that transpired.

Of training, greed staying the motivator that it must be, caused a new betrayal one of several Greeks. A local Greek called Ephesians betrayed his people by the venue of a small pass which the Persians used to flank the Spartan line and huddled around the Greeks. There were defenders at  the passage, but they ran into the sight of Persian troop

Within the third day of fight, with Persian morale low as a result of fear, in addition to anxiety the Spartan slaughter of their comrades brought on, the closing push was planned. The Spartans in addition to Thespian forces, routed in addition to surrounded, were inevitably just about all killed, though these kinds of was the fear and anxiety they brought on that Xerxes can’t make his troops agree to one  last engagement, even while the Spartans were reduced to fighting using their hands in addition to teeth. As an alternative, he ordered them to be shot down by a barrage of arrows.

Nevertheless, while it’s considered a tragic beat, the Combat of Thermopylae was still viewed as a proper success. The death of 1 of his or her kings (Sparta was a diarchy, with two kings at any time) encouraged Sparta to raise and use more troops into fight. Even from the time the actual Battle regarding Plataea was fought, the Persian commanders in addition to troops were still experience the fear and anxiety they felt at Thermopylae, affecting their capacity to fight a Spartan push of 5, 000, in conjunction with several 500 more Greeks via Athens, Thespian, as well as other city-states. The historical record is unclear at this point, however it is highly probably which Spartans rallied in addition to inspired his or her troops by simply invoking the actual memory regarding Leonidas in addition to his 300.

The moral of the story is never bow down to a “god king” and always watch your six, thanks for reading feel free to leave a comment


The King Who Wrote History

Edgar Cayce> Puma Punku>
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Their peace, tranquility, and respective modes of concentration were broken by the excited entry of a british rider with a message.

The tight clad messenger hesitated before the King. It was not clear whether he had been out of the country so long he had forgotten the refinements of British court life. He bowed.“Your Highness”, he said, breathlessly. “I have grievous news from the Americas.”

The King looked puzzled for a moment, but Prince George ignored his Game Boy and started to pay attention. Finally, the King said:

“Aren’t the Americas on of my dominions?”

“Yes, your Highness, it is the 13 American colonies.”

“Aah,” said the King, “since I past the 100 mark I’ve had trouble remembering them all.”

“The news is not good,” the messenger resumed. “It seems that some strange illness, a virus, has hit the whole population. It has had a terrible effect, your Highness. It has affected their vocal chords. All the population is affected.”

“Why is everyone grieving? Do they  have physicians in the Americas?” the King asked in unworldly innocence.

“Your Highness, they no longer speak the King’s form of English. They’ve all started speaking in a strange accent, and all the words of the King’s English are being distorted. They sound like they’re of another world. The virus is so virulent, your Highness, nobody can speak the King’s English any more.”

“This virus, could it have been planted by the French? They’re so jealous of all my colonies; they’d stop at nothing,” the King responded. “This accent they all now speak in, this foreign tongue, does it sound French?”

“Thankfully not, your Highness. But how would the French smuggle this virus in?” asked the messenger.

“You remember Troy? The Trojan horse? That’s how they’d do it, the sneaky French. Trust them to use a Trojan horse to get a virus inside my dominian,” the King presumed.

The messenger looked anxiously and expectantly at the King, who went on:

“There’s only one thing for it. I cannot have subjects from my own land not speaking the King’s English.”

He waved his arm dismissively. “Get rid of them”, he said. “Leave them to fend for themselves. I know they’ll never survive on their own, let alone progress, but we cannot have my Kindom corrupted by those virus ridden settlers.”

“ Your Highness, would you rather visit the territory to assess the problems for yourself?” the messenger suggested.

The King shook his head knowingly.

“We have no cure for this mysterious virus. What would be the point of my going?”

Prince George looked across pleadingly:

“Oh, please, go Daddy. I want those domains.”

“No son, those colonies are no longer part of my realm, and will not be part of yours to inherit,” the King replied.

With the wave of a hand, the King dismissed his American colonies. But it was not the end of the story by far.

The messenger was sent on his way to tell the King’s officials to prepare papers that would lead the way to American Independence; and just as an afterthought, he also sent a message to Parliament, to inform them of his declaration of American Independence.

Matters of state moved quite slowly those days, but by January of 1776 the British officials had prepared a paper entitled: The British Route To American Independence. Armed with this historic document, the King’s messenger set off for what the King now regarded as his former American colonies.

This was no Instant Messenger. The British and French had not yet been on friendly enough terms for the Concorde to have been born, so it was down to a long and arduous journey by ship. The messenger arrived on American soil several weeks later, carrying The British Route to American Independence.

Local British representatives were briefed on the King’s instructions. There was no such thing as a photocopier in those days, so there were just two handwritten copies of this historic document. One was to be retained by the King’s messenger, the other to be given to the leader of the colonists.

The most common means of communication then was still word of mouth, and that was to lead to a turn of events that has irrevocably altered non-history. Not only was communication verbal, but it was slow.

The virus that had afflicted the vocal chords of colonists had already affected the pronunciation of route. What was “root” in the King’s English, had become “rout” (as in out) in those affected by this mystery virus. So, as news of the King’s declaration began to leak, the initial chatter in American quarters became about the British “rout” to American Independence.

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Edgar Cayce: Average Man Or Prophet?

<a href=""><img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-255" alt="Edgar Cayce" src="" width="298" height="300" /></a>If you have never heard of Edgar Cayce you should prepare yourself for some amazing information. Cayce is known as the father of holistic medicine, and the sleeping profit. Edgar Cayce was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, (1877-1945). Cayce was able to discover his talents at a young age by communicating with his dead grandfather, and playing with ghostly “friends“. Cayce was known to be a devout Sunday school teacher, and an upstanding Christian man.

Cayce is mostly known for the amazing readings he would perform in a meditative state, where Cayce would have someone (usually his wife) read a letter from someone with a question about: physical ailments, stock tips, oil prospects, and many others. People said Cayce  had the power to cure people through correspondence, by finding the cure through the subconscious mind of the person receiving the reading. His psychic abilities were really profound and very accurate.

Cayce predicted that the Earth’s poles would change as a new cycle began. He predicted that between 2001 and 2002, the Earth would undergo dramatic changes in it’s electromagnetic poles. In 2001 PBS reported discoveries they had found sufficient evidence for the weakening of our planets force field, and that this could be detrimental to all of Earth’s inhabitants. At the very core of our planet lies the problem; the molten core is what drives our force field and is responsible for keeping the deadly radiation from space at bay.

Scientists have noticed a storm brewing around 2,000 miles beneath the Earth’s crust. The Earth’s magnetic cocoon, it seems, is weakening and will soon go away. What we see as “Northern Lights” is actually the radiation from the electromagnetic field sending the radiation to the poles to disperse. Edgar Cayce predicted that this information will become apparent in 2001; which makes this prediction extremely accurate.

One of my favorite testimonials/discoveries is that of the Akashic or hall of records.

Computer have changed the way people do everything, including how we see the planet we live on. Technology is growing freakishly out of control, the information that is  shared across the web everyday is mind boggling . The amount of information on the web is literally incomprehensible. These information systems might be vast and growing at a huge rate, but don’t even come close to the memory storage of the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records contain all of the records of every soul since the Big Bang, they connect all souls. These records deeply affect our moods and behavior, along with recording every thought, dream, speech, kind act, etc…

According to Wikipedia there are several references for the Akashic Records in the bible: (Psalm 69:28, Philippians 4:3, Revelation 3:5, 13:8, 17:8, 20:12, 20:15 and Revelation 21:27)

For Bible references from Wikipedia click on the link:

Of all the work done on the Akashic Records, the most detailed accounts come from Edgar Cayce, and his shockingly descriptive depictions. When performing readings Cayce was asked where he received his knowledge from, he claimed it was from the subconscious of the person he was performing the reading on, and the other was the Akashic Records.

Cayce often described visiting the Akashic Records and the journey through each dimension describing monsters and strange shapes, hooded grey figures that would ascend and descend, and finally he described the Hall of Records as a structure with no walls or ceiling, and an old man who would hand him the book for the person getting the reading. Cayce would always return to his body with the answer to whatever was instructed of him.

Prospectors would come to Cayce asking where to drill for oil, his predictions led them to the exact spot within inches. With people finding out about his psychic abilities and predictions, letters started pouring in from all over the world. Edgar Cayce went on to give over 14,000 readings, healing and impacting thousands of lives in the process. One of the  things that Edgar Cayce was telling people, was that anyone could do what he did. Everyone, supposedly has the power to do what he did and then some. Wouldn’t it be a glorious day for all of human kind could all perform these feats?

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Pumapunku Lost In Time

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Pumapunku is one of the greatest mysteries ever conceived by modern scientists. The 15th century site is located in Tiwanaku, Bolivia, and was home to Inca traditions. Modern researchers are still puzzled over the civilization’s collapse, was it the overbearing population exhausting the resources? Were they dismantled as a result of the Spanish Conquest? It is hard to ascertain without any records, our best knowledge comes from the Spanish Chronicles. The architecture the Incas left behind is mind bending to fathom how they cut the stone so perfect; scientists are saying that this could only have happened by using lasers, but some theorize that metal tools could have been used. The angles seen in these pictures are absolutely perfect 90 degree angles cut to interlock each other. Some of these angles are so tight that you could not fit a razor between the two pieces. What were they building this temple for? Ritualistic purposes?

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In my opinion these ancient people were helped by extra-terrestrials in their construction. The symmetry in their construction is flawless and would be difficult to replicate even in modern standards. There are several civilizations throughout history claiming to have been visited by sky gods.

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The use of the divine would be enough to appease my curiosity on the matter, considering similar stories are passed down through generations from several different cultures. I feel that the divine had a hand in helping the evolution of mankind and technology along. We went from hunter gatherers to building megalithic monuments almost overnight; compared to the hundreds of  thousands of years that mankind has been around.

<a href=""><img class="alignright size-full wp-image-89" alt="&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;&lt;img class=&quot;alignright size-full wp-image-83&quot; alt=&quot;puma punku.jpg6&quot; src=&quot;; width=&quot;275&quot; height=&quot;183&quot; /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;" src="" width="259" height="194" /></a><a href=""><img class="alignright size-full wp-image-83" alt="puma punku.jpg6" src="" width="275" height="183" /></a>






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History Remembers Albert Pike

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<a href=""><img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-78" alt="Albert Pike.jpeg1" src="" width="300" height="166" /></a>Unmemorable Faces from the Past  

History has many familiar faces from the past, some of which were president’s of this familiarity; their faces printed on the bills are etched into the peoples minds like a pastel on canvas. Generations come and go with the changing of the seasons and somewhere down the line legends are lost along the way. Some are lost to history, others are shrouded in mystery; not necessarily making it into the limelight. There is one figure I believe is one of the most controversial figures throughout history. That figure is none other than Albert Pike; who was born in Boston Massachusetts in 1809 and a descendant of John Pike founder of Woodbridge New Jersey. Pike was a very devout scholar mastering 16 languages, and some of which he was a pioneer making revolutionary breakthroughs.

Pike had attended Harvard until he ran out of money and was kicked out, later they asked Pike to come back, but he declined. A unique individual Pike is indeed, he was also a literary genius; although a lot of his books are not available to the public for unknown reasons, could it be from his affiliations? Pike was a Brigadier General in the confederate army, and was the only southern General to be be buried in Washington National Monument. Although Pike was a confederate and should have been tried in a tribunal. Pike was actually pardoned by President Andrew Johnson; which had supposed ties to the scottish rite. Pike wrote a book called Morals and Dogma in which he talked about the power of symbolism and occult practices.

Some claim Albert Pike had a magical bracelet that he would use to communicate with the devil through various rituals and ceremonies. Others claimed Pike was the leader of the ku klux klan. Pike wrote a letter to an Italian Politician named Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871 describing plans of the coming of three world wars, in which to bring about a New World Order to openly worship the devil. Since then letter has been lost, and then suddenly reappeared, although missing some of the content. Albert Pike was supposedly the founder of Freemasonry and also known for being a poet, journalist, orator, philosopher and scholar, a rich part of his life was poetry; in which he wrote a series of poems called: “Hymns to the Gods” which was a brilliant collection of his work. If Pike would have concentrated solely on poetry he would have surely been one of America’s greatest poets. Of all the famous people that never did anything to deserve their fame, Albert Pike was a master at every subject he encountered, and achieved more than most will in a few lifetimes. Why has history all but forgotten Albert Pike? Are his plans being carried out today?