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History Remembers Albert Pike

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<a href="https://johns448.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/albert-pike-jpeg1.jpg"><img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-78" alt="Albert Pike.jpeg1" src="https://johns448.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/albert-pike-jpeg1.jpg?w=300" width="300" height="166" /></a>Unmemorable Faces from the Past  

History has many familiar faces from the past, some of which were president’s of this familiarity; their faces printed on the bills are etched into the peoples minds like a pastel on canvas. Generations come and go with the changing of the seasons and somewhere down the line legends are lost along the way. Some are lost to history, others are shrouded in mystery; not necessarily making it into the limelight. There is one figure I believe is one of the most controversial figures throughout history. That figure is none other than Albert Pike; who was born in Boston Massachusetts in 1809 and a descendant of John Pike founder of Woodbridge New Jersey. Pike was a very devout scholar mastering 16 languages, and some of which he was a pioneer making revolutionary breakthroughs.

Pike had attended Harvard until he ran out of money and was kicked out, later they asked Pike to come back, but he declined. A unique individual Pike is indeed, he was also a literary genius; although a lot of his books are not available to the public for unknown reasons, could it be from his affiliations? Pike was a Brigadier General in the confederate army, and was the only southern General to be be buried in Washington National Monument. Although Pike was a confederate and should have been tried in a tribunal. Pike was actually pardoned by President Andrew Johnson; which had supposed ties to the scottish rite. Pike wrote a book called Morals and Dogma in which he talked about the power of symbolism and occult practices.

Some claim Albert Pike had a magical bracelet that he would use to communicate with the devil through various rituals and ceremonies. Others claimed Pike was the leader of the ku klux klan. Pike wrote a letter to an Italian Politician named Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871 describing plans of the coming of three world wars, in which to bring about a New World Order to openly worship the devil. Since then letter has been lost, and then suddenly reappeared, although missing some of the content. Albert Pike was supposedly the founder of Freemasonry and also known for being a poet, journalist, orator, philosopher and scholar, a rich part of his life was poetry; in which he wrote a series of poems called: “Hymns to the Gods” which was a brilliant collection of his work. If Pike would have concentrated solely on poetry he would have surely been one of America’s greatest poets. Of all the famous people that never did anything to deserve their fame, Albert Pike was a master at every subject he encountered, and achieved more than most will in a few lifetimes. Why has history all but forgotten Albert Pike? Are his plans being carried out today?